I am a surfboarder.

Hi, I’m Mela- a 26 year old artist, writer, surfer, and yogini who lives on a sailboat with my fiancee Brent and dog Mindy Lou. When she’s not surfing, writing, creating art, or practicing yoga, she’s probably eating. Or sleeping. Or doing something unmentionable.

Salt h2o Rx is for everyone who believes that there IS a panacea in life- and it is salt water. My biggest challenges, greatest fears, and most devastating hardships send me running for the ocean.  My highest highs, most epic days, and wildest joys have been in the water.  Here you’ll find tall tales, interviews, musings, and prose about dancing on water.  Shredding the gnar.  Getting shacked.  Cross-stepping.  Throwing spray.  Massive airs.  Cruisin’ (possibly for a bruisin’).  Rag-dolling, reef-cutting, shore-pounding, body-whomping, belly-sliding, non-stop good times.

And then some.

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